Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Giants’ Tweets, Podcast Launch, and "19-0" Revisited

A quick announcement at the halfway point of what feels like a very slow week: the Giants’ Steps blog is now on Twitter! You can keep track of the latest blog posts, GSTV videos and – by the weekend – Giants’ Steps podcasts on the Giants’ Steps twitter page.

You can also find periodic tweets about blog and non-blog matters…assuming I get over the absurdity of using “tweet” as a verb to describe human action. Come on, admit it. It sounds ridiculous…

Speaking of the podcast, we’re recording the pilot episode on Thursday night. Depending on the number of technical difficulties, it should be live by Friday. I’ll know more as the podcasting hour approaches.

And finally, as I tweeted this morning (ugh…see?), I saw a guy on the subway today wearing an elusive New England Patriots “Super Bowl XLII Champions” hat, with “19-0” and “Perfect!” embroidered on the front. It made me reflect on just how phenomenal New England’s season was that year. 16-0 in the regular season is incredible, no matter how you slice it, and worthy of recognition.

For me though, when it comes to football, “perfection” isn’t defined by the numbers, the records or the statistics… It’s defined by effort, by dedication, by intensity, and by the unyielding will and ability to win.

The 2007 New York Giants did not win all of their games, and probably no Giants team ever will. But on that February evening in the Arizona desert, they put forth an effort that removed “19-0” from the history books and placed it on the discount rack for said subway passenger - and novelty hat fans - to enjoy.

Big Blue's Super Bowl XLII Champion hat does not say it, but that is still “Perfect!”

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