Sunday, September 6, 2009

2009 NFL Season Predictions

Steps and the Bears Guy welcome Philadelphia Eagles fan extraordinairre "PR" to the show this week as they discuss their picks for the 2009 NFL season. Which teams will make the playoffs? Who will compete for the Lombardi Trophy at Super Bowl XLIV? Which team is a sleeper to make the playoffs?

Click the player below or "The Show" in the central column to listen. You can also download the show for your listening convenience. The panel's picks are also outlined below...


AFC Playoff Seeds: New England, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Miami, NY Jets
AFC Sleeper: Houston

NFC Playoff Seeds: Green Bay, Dallas, New Orleans, Seattles, NY Giants, Chicago
NFC Sleeper: Washington (amongst others)

Super Bowl: Giants vs. Colts

Bears Guy

AFC Playoff Seeds: New England, Baltimore, San Diego, Tenessee, Pittsburgh, Houston
AFC Sleeper: Oakland

NFC Playoff Seeds (loose order): Dallas, Carolina, Chicago, Seattle, New Orleans, Minnesota
NFC Sleeper: N/A

Super Bowl: Bears vs. Ravens


AFC Playoff Seeds: New England, Indianapolis, Baltimore, San Diego, Miami, Houston
AFC Sleeper: Denver

NFC Playoff Seeds: NY Giants, Minnesota, Carolina, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Green Bay
NFC Sleeper: N/A

Super Bowl: Eagles vs. Ravens

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jake said...

i thought it was pretty good, yeah...great listening as background for laundry.