Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Big Blue on the Web

Some good stuff up on the Giants' website today, including the complete episode of America's Game about the 2007 Giants. It's pretty entertaining, and features some behind-the-scenes footage of last season. It also gives some insight into the minds and personalities of Michael Strahan, Eli Manning, and Coach Coughlin.

Also on giants.com is a recording of the first ever live "Eisen's Insight," featuring Giants beat writer Michael Eisen and producer John Shmelk. The two take calls and answer some questions from callers. They review some of the action from the weekend and discuss how the Giants can build on their victory over the Redskins.

The Newark Star Ledger's Giants blog features some interesting stories from Mike Garafolo and co., looking at the impact of Osi's injury, where Ahmad Bradshaw fits into the running game, and players' reactions to Michael Strahan's prediction that Dallas will win the NFC.

Stay tuned for more Giants news and a scouting report for this week's showdown in St. Louis with the Rams.

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