Wednesday, September 24, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Burress suspended 1 game

There's nothing I hate more than being surprised by bad news from Giantsland, and this morning ranks up there with "Toomer Done for the Season" from Week 9, 2006: Plaxico Burress has been suspended by the team for two weeks - one game - and can not return to the team until October 6th.

The whole story is yet to emerge, but the gist is that Plax didn't show up to team meetings on Monday and could not be reached on his cell phone. GM Jerry Reese and Coach Coughlin informed him of his suspension in a meeting on Wednesday morning for "insubordination."

After barely escaping Sunday's game with a win, and looking sluggish on both sides of the ball, the last thing the Giants need is a distraction like this. The full details have yet to emerge, but even if Burress had a viable reason for missing Monday's meetings, it seems absurd to me that he wouldn't have contacted someone on the team to let them know about it.

It's very tempting for me to lose it here, but I want to wait until more information becomes available, and until I have adequate time to process this. I'll keep you posted as details emerge.

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