Sunday, September 7, 2008

Key Contests: Week 1

Each week I will spotlight some key games from around the NFL that are relevant to the NY Giants - namely, games that feature NFC East teams and the Giants' opponent for the following week.

This week's "Key Contests" features the St. Louis Rams @ the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys @ the Cleveland Browns.'s previews of each game can be found by clicking the above links.

St. Louis Rams @ Philadelphia Eagles

The first contest features divisional foe Philadelphia and next week's opponent, St. Louis. Favored by many to win the NFC East, and even the NFC, the Eagles will look to rebound from a pair of mediocre seasons following the return of a healthy Donovan McNabb. With arguably the best player in the division, Brian Westbrook, in the backfield, the Eagles offense will look to overcome a WR corps depleted by injuries, while the defense will feature some talented new personnel, most notably former New England Patriot, CB Asante Samuel.

Key Q's for the Eagles:

  1. Can Donovan McNabb stay healthy this season and lead the Eagles on another playoff run?
  2. What kind of defense can we expect to see from Philly this season?
  3. What secret plays has Andy Reid hidden up rookie WR DeSean Jackson's ass?

On the other side of the field, the Rams hope to turn around last season's 3-13 record. With OT Orlando Pace back from a shoulder injury,and Marc Bulger and Stephen Jackson healthy for the time-being, perhaps the Rams can get this season off on the right foot.

Key Q's for the Rams:

  1. With some big name players like Orlando Pace back and healthy, will the Rams have a chance to turn things around this year?
  2. Can Stephen Jackson establish himself as one of the elite backs in the league?
  3. How will second overall draft pick DE Chris Long perform in his regular season debut?

Dallas Cowboys @ Cleveland Browns

Defending NFC East Champions and stars of the HBO Reality Series "Hard Knocks," the Dallas Cowboys head into Cleveland to take on last year's up-and-comers, the Browns, who finished 2007 with a record of 10-6. After falling to the Giants in last year's Divisional playoff, Jerry Jones's 13-3 'Boys have their eyes set on the Superbowl this year. Anything else will be considered a failure.

With a talent-packed squad that featured 13 pro-bowlers last season, Dallas added some big names this off-season - including CB Adam "Make it Rain on Ms. Pacman" Jones and LB Zach "Concussions" Thomas - Big D is stacked to make another run at a championship, and are favored by many to represent the NFC at SB XLIII.

Key Q's for the Cowboys:
  1. How explosive will Tony Romo and the Cowboys offense be in Week 1? And which skill position player will be most impressive?
  2. Will the team that survived Wade Phillips' "Camp Marshmallow" have the attitude, chemistry, and execution to match their talent level?
  3. Will Jessica Simpson be there?

Be sure to check out this week's key contests. I'll be keeping my eye on the Philly, STL, and Dallas and will check back in soon with follow-ups on each game. Enjoy Week 1! Gotta love football season!

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