Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blog Update

Hello all,

As you have probably noticed, the blog has a new layout, which allows me to maximize space and add a few more features that otherwise would have been lost in an endless single column.

Notice, on top you can find a NYG news wire, which tracks the latest Giants' news from around the web. In the new left-hand column, you can now access the Blog Archive list more easily, as well as the Features list, which includes what will become regular pieces on my blog.

Also new on the left-hand side, the "Shot of the Week" picture. This week's shot features RB Brandon Jacobs freight-training Laron Landry. From this point forward, I move that "Brandon Jacobs" be used as a verb. For example:

"In 2008, Michael Phelps Brandon-Jacobed the competition on his way to eight gold medals."

"Oh snap! That dude just got Brandon-Jacobed!"

Finally, in the right-hand column, you will the Giants' record and schedule information, a reader survey, links to Giants-related links, and an RSS feed from

I'm always working on new content for the site, so keep your eyes open. Stay tuned later today for Week 2's "Key Contests."


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